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Large assortment of brittles

Large Assorted Brittle Gift Tray $54.50
Six (6) of Our Most Popular Brittles – Peanut, Chocolate Peanut, Sunflower, Chocolate Sunflower, Pecan and Chocolate Pecan

Small Assorted Brittles

Small Assorted Brittle Gift Tray $29.50
Three (3) of Our Gourmet Brittles – Peanut, Ultimate Nut, Chocolate Pecan

Brittle Lovers Gift Box

Brittle Lovers Gift Box $29.50
Two (2) of Our Gourmet Brittles – (Peanut & Chocolate Pecan), & Two (2) Classic Pecan Pralines

Brittle Lovers Gift Box

Praline Lovers Gift Box $29.50
Six (6) of Our Creamy Buttery Gourmet Pralines – 3 Classic Pecan Pralines and 3 Chocolates

Pecan Brittle Popcorn

Pecan Brittle Popcorn $17.50
Buttery, Crispy, melt in your mouth popcorn made with our Pecan brittle

Assorted Brittle Praline Gift Tin

Assorted Brittle Praline Gift Tin $54.50
Twelve (12) of Our Creamy, Buttery, Pralines – 6 Classic Pecan Pralines, 6 Chocolate Pralines (White & Dark)

Assorted Brittle Gift Boxes

Assorted Brittle Gift Boxes $45.50
Two (2) Brittles (Peanut & Chocolate Almond),  Brittle Popcorn, and Four (4) Brittle Pralines

Brittle Gift Boxes

Brittle Gift Boxes
Our Gourmet Brittles Individually Packaged

Peanut $11.50
Chocolate Peanut $13.00

Peanut or Chocolate Peanut

Sunflower $11.50
Chocolate Sunflower $13.00

Sunflower or Chocolate Sunflower

Pecan $13.50
Chocolate Pecan $14.50

Pecan or Chocolate Pecan